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Commercial Property Management Services

Providing exceptional service to the Charleston market for over 25 years

Our commercial property management team is here to provide you and your tenants with prompt and efficient service.

At Charleston Green Commercial, we work closely with owners to develop customized, needs-based, management plans tailored to your property and investment. No two plans are the same!

We know transitioning from another property management company can be a tedious and cumbersome task. We promise to make it easy! Once you’ve customized your management plan with our team, we’ll contact your current management company and will take care of all the transition details and headaches for you.

Not only will we make it easy for you to transition from another management company, but our management program will allow you to save money, save time, and consider leading-edge commercial property advances, including environmentally-sensitive strategies.

Our commercial property management services include:

Schedule a consultation today and let’s discuss how we can serve you!

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